MEN'S HAIRCUT AND BEARD 5 Popular Men's Hairstyles For Autumn

This year the lot of trendy and unique haircuts are popular among boys and mens. In order to be able to offer you some inspiration on your next cut, this is a breakdown of how I would create several of the most popular hairstyles for AW14, since well as possible modifications you can make to be able to create a more person look.

If your crown tends to stick up when it's cut, there are really two things you could do: leave more duration around the area like the weight will draw it down, or take the clippers higher and the crown area shorter - this will help conserve the balance of typically the haircut because the front requires to look longer compared to the back for typically the style to work.


The above pictures both have quite a lot of length through typically the top, which can be hard for people to obtain used to - I actually would only suggest developing your hair such as this if you're willing to invest time styling it every day.

My partner is my hairstylist and am the girl suggested something like skin fade (you can select how short you would like it, doens't have to be able to be skin) and she retains the front area just a little long, but gradually goes short towards the back.

Now, a lot more than two decades later, the quartet of hairstylists has cemented their placement in the beauty world by opening three locations across Chicago and generating a philosophy to which each salon holds correct: provide world-class, yet wearable, haircuts.

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